My approach to any product or project involves three easy steps. You can commission me for one or all of the steps, but no matter the project, I always start with a Discovery Process. At the end of this first step I deliver an assessment of my findings and a strategy for next steps. This could include content review and editorial direction, content changes, or new content creation. It's yours to keep, but can also be a roadmap for our next steps together.

1. Discovery Process

Doodle for Cave Production's approach starting with Meet, Explore, and end withRecommend. 


We have a call or meeting to discuss your product/project, the outcomes/impact you are trying to have, and what services you need.



At this stage, I spend time getting to know you, I observe, interview, research and/or start to review materials.



This is always my first deliverable - an assessment of your product/project scope and needs and a suggested strategy to meet your desired outcomes/impact.


2. Production Process

Depending on the scope of the recommendations we would create a production schedule with deliverables, timelines, budget, and training materials, then get to work on the materials or changes you need to launch your product/project.


3. Evaluation Process

Once your product/project has been created and launched we can collaborate to evaluate how it's doing, the impact it's having, and create plan to iterate and improve.