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Hi. I’m Sarah Hutt. I’ve been producing and directing documentaries and writing books for more than a decade. In that time I’ve come to see story as more than a way to inform or entertain, it’s actually a powerful design tool.

I've seen the power of story help students learn and improve their academic outcomes. I've seen how storytelling helps audiences understand a problem and take action. Let me help you find your story and make a positive impact.

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BOOK a Talk or workshop

Let me share what I know about story telling for impact, understanding audience, the art of the interview, or finding your purpose through story with your students or team. 



Sarah Hutt is an award winning writer, director, and documentary television producer. Her EMMY nominated work has appeared on VICELAND, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Wild, MSNBC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and The History Channel, to name a few. 

Her writing has made the NY Times Best Seller list and she is a Publisher's Weekly starred reviewed author of non-fiction books for children and young adults. She is also the writer and creator of a fictional children's series for the Slate Group's children's podcast service Pinna.

She is a founding team member of Strayer Studios, Strayer University's in-house Production Studio with a mission to reinvent online learning using documentary storytelling and she does ongoing product development and curriculum consulting work in the education space.